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Sagittilt Prone Breast

SagittiltTM Prone Breast Solution

The SagittiltTM prone breast solution is a positioning and immobilization system that accurately sets-up and reproduces the prone position of a breast patient during both simulation and treatment. A cut-out is provided for the ipsi-lateral breast to drop into so that it is away from the chest wall and the underlying tissues. This reduces  the lung, heart and contra-lateral breast tissue volume that is trapped in the treatment field.

Sagittilt is unique in that the patient can be tilted to let the ipsi-lateral breast fall deeper into the cut-out and further away from the organs at risk, such as heart and lung.
Only one person is needed to perform the tilting. The system can be tilted to maximum 10° on each side, with increments of 1°. A security mechanism is built in to keep the system in place once tilted.

To increase the comfort and reproducibility of the patient’s position, the position of the arms, legs and head is adjustable to the patient’s anatomy:

  • The forehead support can be moved in vertical and longitudinal direction.
  • The whole arm support structure can be moved longitudinally and the hand grips move separately in the same direction.
  • The elbow supports can be adjusted laterally.
  • The leg support can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction.

Every possible position is indexed.



For increased precision, the SagittiltTM prone breast solution is compatible with thermoplastic masks. The thermoplastic mask covers the pelvis of the patient. It increases the stability of the patient’s position and also secures the position of the patient when tilting the system.


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