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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

The Orfit SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) solution provides the stability and reproducibility needed for high dose and high precision treatments. The precision, stability and ease of use of the SBRT solution enables the treatment of abdominal and lung tumors in a comfortable way.

The system consists of an MRI compatible base plate and a range of accessories. The base plate is made of glass fiber, which is a low density and radiographically transparent material. In addition, it can be used in an MRI environment. The base plate can be fixed on treatment or other couch tops by means of various fixation devices. Please refer to the fixation device section of this website to find the compatible fixation product for your couch top.


The SBRT solution comes in two versions:

Standard package 1 with mechanical pressure system

This package contains a compression arch that is connected to a compression plate via a screw. The screw is positioned below the diaphragm. By adjusting the screw up and down, the pressure can be regulated. The screw is located next to the arch, therefore the arch can be positioned outside of the treatment field. A safety mechanism makes sure that the screw can be unlocked quickly in case of an emergency. The position of the arch can be adjusted in the longitudinal and vertical direction, in order to adapt it to the patient’s anatomy.



  • Standard package 2 with pneumatic pressure belt

 The second option for abdominal compression is the use of the compression belt. The belt is strapped around the patient and the bag is inflated to create pressure on the abdomen.






An arm rest plate is attached to the base plate. The arm rest cushion, elevation cushion and grip poles are positioned on this arm rest plate. Several indexed positions are available for both the grip poles and the cushion. When the arm rest plate is not in place, the base plate can be used for treatment of the brain or head & neck. Holes are provided to fit the standard Orfit HP head supports and blocks and wedges.






The caudal end of the base plate has indexing holes for positioning the knee and feet cushion. The cushions can be indexed every 2cm. These two cushions can also be used as a stand-alone product on a 2-pin indexing bar, without the SBRT base plate.






A stereotactic frame can be mounted on the baseplate for increased reproducibility of the patient’s position. The frame contains a vertical and horizontal millimeter scale for laser alignment in the simulation and treatment room.

Slots to attach a thermoplastic mask are integrated over the entire length of the baseplate. This enables the usage of the whole range of Efficast High Precision masks: head, neck & shoulder masks, thorax masks and also pelvic masks. As such, every part of the body can be immobilized.

The SBRT base plate is compatible with the standard Orfit HP head supports and blocks and wedges. Furthermore, cushions and accessories of the All-In-One Solution can be used on the base plate. Also, different sizes of vacuum bags can be positioned on the SBRT base plate. When used in combination with the indexing bars for vacuum bags, they form a reproducible positioning device.

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