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The AIO Solution

The All-In-One (AIO) Solution

The reproducibility and stability of patient positioning is extremely important for a precise radiation therapy treatment. The position of the tumor in space is a dynamic element that is difficult to keep under control during the actual treatment delivery. Therefore, potential changes in the position of the patient should be limited to a minimum. The AIO Solution makes this possible by immobilizing patients in a precise, reproducible way. The AIO Solution facilitates and refines treatments. With one base plate and different sets of cushions and thermoplastic masks, all parts of the body are positioned and immobilized in a comfortable, exact and reproducible way.

These refined immobilization techniques allow IMRT and IGRT procedures in almost any anatomical location, including breast and lung.



Meeting the highest demands in radiation oncology ...

  • Exact reproducibility of the patient's position in imaging and therapy.
  • Highest degree of patient comfort for IMRT an IGRT procedures.
  • Precise immobilization of all body regions.
  • Increased certainty of location of external and internal anatomical structures.
  • Reduced inter- and intra-fraction variations.
  • Reduced daily positioning uncertainties.
  • Reduced patient set-up time
  • Increased ease of use


... The AIO Solution fulfills all these requirements.

The AIO Solution contains a cushion set for each anatomical region:

  • Brain, head & neck
  • Thorax and abdomen in supine position
  • Prone breast position
  • Belly and pelvic in supine and prone position




All cushions are easily positioned on the base plate in an indexed way. The cushions have a colour code for easy recognition and fast set-up of the system: head supports an knee & leg cushions are grey, thorax & abdomen cushions for supine are blue, breast in prone position cushions are yellow and belly & pelvic cushions are green.

The cushions are made of a low density foam with excellent dosimetric properties. They are coated to assure patient comfort and hygiene.

The extra-cranial cushions can be adapted in width to accommodate all patient sizes. The prone breast cushions can also be adapted in height.

Each patient position is reproduced and immobilized by means of an Efficast thermoplastic mask that limits movement of the anatomical area of concern.

The AIO Solution is truly an All-In-One system with a head & neck immobilization system, lungboard, breastboard, abdominal system and belly & pelvic board in one single product.


Download:  AIO Brochure (PDF) >> l AIO Cleaning Instructions (PDF) >>