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Brain, Head & Neck

Brain, Head & Neck

The Orfit High Precision (HP) mask system for head, neck and shoulders consists of a unique combination of three carefully designed and engineered components. When integrated, they result in the utmost accurate, reproducible and comfortable patient positioning and immobilization system.


1. Efficast thermoplastic masks with easy to fix and

remove L-shaped profiles as interface between

mask and base plate.

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2. Raycast HP carbon fibre low density base plates and extensions for treatment machines.

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3. Head supports with cranial stop and with positioning blocks and wedges.

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Orfit Industries' unique masking technology increases the effect of patient immobilization on radiation therapy outcome by offering a (sub)millimeter precision needed with today's technology to perform IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SRT, Robotic RT and high energy RT. Thanks to a unique combination of advanced materials and innovative production methods, the Orfit system has achieved three critical goals for improving the quality of radiation therapy treatment.


1. Precision / Accuracy - Limit patient movement

  • Overall mask stability limits patient displacement
    to less than 2 mm within the mask.
  • Low-stretch draping method provides greater
    contouring and rigidity.
  • L-profiles technology secures more of the mask
    to the base plate.

2. Reproducibility - Reduce daily shifts

  • 3D head supports with cranial back stop thatcradles the patient's head.
  • Well defined and indexable thermoplastic masks insure consistent daily position.
  • Openings at cranial end of mask provide spacefor patients with long hair.


3. Patient comfort - Increase acceptance


  • Non-stick coating with soft surface feel.
  • Comfortable foam head supports
  • Thermoplastic with engineered limited shrinkage
  • Cooler activation temperature of 65° - 70°C
  • Antibacterial, non-stick coating.




In addition to these fundamental advantages, the Orfit High Precision Head/Neck thermoplastics have other unique characteristics, not found with any other manufacturer.


- Thermoplastic with superior moulding properties that result in a high but comfortable degree of patient immobilization.


- Very stable mask, preventing chin-drop and shoulder rotation.


- Memory effect which allows the user to remould a finished mask as needed. This provides significant flexibility for modification during a patient treatment or simply to save on waste.


- Thinner masks resulting in less absorption and increased skin sparing.


- Positioning blocks and wedges that effectively support different neck shapes and allow for flexion and extension positioning of the head.


- Quick release system allows for fast and safe removal of the mask form the patient.

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