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MammoRx Breast Board

Breast & Lung - MammoRx®

For patients receiving multiple radiation therapy treatments, position reproducibility is critical. MammoRx patient positioning products help you to quickly set up the patient during simulation and to easily reproduce settings during subsequent treatments.

MammoRx carbon fibre breast boards provide solutions that meet and exceed the changing needs of radiation therapists. ORFIT offers two carbon fibre products: the standalone MammoRx breast board, and the MammoRxci insert for Varian Exact Couch customers. Because both boards use the same tilt-board design, set-up information is transferable between systems. This allows you to use the standalone MammoRx system in a broad range of treatment or simulation environments and the MammoRxci insert in conjunction with Varian Exact Couch systems. Both systems deliver precise immobilization for IMRT, enhanced set-up reproducibility, and are compatible with ORFIT thermoplastic masks.


MammoRx® Carbon Fibre Breast Board

The MammoRx carbon fibre breast board is specifically designed for narrow-bore CT SIM environments. As one of the most lightweight boards on the market, the MammoRx breast board is easy to lift and replace on the treatment table - a key benefit when you consider how often therapists remove patient positioning boards each day. Built-in supports allow you to quickly achieve standard treatment angles of 0, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 and 15 degrees. Optional upper angle support bracket provides 20- and 25-degree treatment angles.






MammoRxci® Carbon Fibre Breast Board Insert

 Ongoing research and collaboration with radiation therapists led to the creation of the MammoRxci carbon fibre breast board Insert. Designed for IMRT, this innovative board is the first of its kind to fit seamlessly in the Varian Exact Couch. You’ll never again need to place a standalone breast board on a traditional treatment table. The MammoRx board features all the benefits of our standard MammoRx systems - in a thinner, lighter package - and can be left in the Varian Exact Couch for other treatment set-ups.





 Additional Functionalities

The MammoRx breastboard allows for advanced patient immobilization with Efficast thermoplastic masks:

• 4-points mask for thorax immobilization


• 3-points head & neck masks for patients that have difficulties in breathing when lying flat.

The indexable leg immobilization frame can be used together with the MammoRx carbon fiber breast board. It functions as a bottom stop and leg immobilization cushion at the same time. As such it replaces the standard bottom stop.


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