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Orfit MRI-S Solution

Orfit MRI-S Solution – Head & Neck

The Orfit MRI-S Solution for Head & Neck provides patient immobilization on the Siemens MAGNETOM®family of MRI scanners.

The Solution includes a High Precision (HP) Base plate, a bi-lateral coil holder, a set of six HP headrests, and a set of couch top fixations. Patients are immobilized with an Efficast thermoplastic mask to assure that imaging is performed in exactly the same position as for simulation and treatment.

HP base plate

The HP base plate can be mounted on the following Siemens MAGNETOM® family MRI scanners by means of dedicated couch top fixations.

Tim Systems

  • Avanto
  • Trio a Tim System
  • Espree
  • Verio
  • Symphony a Tim System


Tim 4G Systems

  • Skyra
  • Spectra
  • Aera

Slots are provided in the baseplate to attach Orfit Efficast® thermoplastic head and neck masks. The Orfit head supports, blocks and wedges can also be positioned on the base plate. This allows the patient to be immobilized in exactly the same position as for simulation and treatment.


Bi-lateral coil holder

The coil holder slides over the cranial end of the baseplate. It can be opened for easy mounting of the coils and for patient set-up with a mask. In closed position the coils come very close to the head of the patient for optimal image quality. These levers accept the flex coils of the Siemens MRI system.

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