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Orfit Industries provides solutions for positioning and immobilizing patients in radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging.

Our core expertise is the development and the production of thermoplastic materials and associated devices that keep patients in the right position with millimetre precision. Our solutions offer an important added value in radiation therapy practice where assuring a comfortable, reproducible and highly precise position and safe immobilization of your patients is of utmost importance for an excellent clinical outcome.

Based on an in-depth knowledge of the worldwide market, our team of engineers and product designers has developed optimal solutions that correspond with the requirements of ever increasing precision in radiation therapy.Microscope R&D

Orfit Industries stands in a unique position because we are the only company in the industry that controls the entire process of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Marketing & Sales and Customer Education. Thanks to this process, we offer optimal solutions for patient positioning and immobilization, everywhere in the world.

We bring innovation into the market, with a clear understanding of the needs of Radiation Oncology Specialists, the comfort of their patients and the requirements of the authorities.

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